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From: Cody Moya

I won't waste your time with a long story here. There's a great deal on the table, and I don't want you to miss out on it.... This is a huge, 50 parts, course on Earn As Affiliate. Below is actual list of content of this course. I decided to give this course free to public to give everybody chance for better living.

  • So what is an affiliate anyway?
  • What you need to know to be successful at affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate Earning for Newbies
  • Where should I put my link?
  • Newbie tips for creating effective affiliate web sites
  • Marketing a mini-affiliate site
  • Methods to increase traffic to your site
  • Improving your conversion rates
  • Using a Squeeze Page to be a Successful Affiliate
  • Why building as list is essential to grow you affiliate income
  • Tips for making the most of your subscriber list
  • The importance of click tracking to the successful affiliate
  • Boosting traffic by using a viral ebook or report
  • Gaining the most affliliate traffic from ezine articles
  • Proven methods for building your subscriber list
  • Boost your affiliate income by making sure your emails get read
  • Using niche marketing to boost your affiliate income
  • Affiliate Marketing - Where to Find the Best Merchants
  • How an article series can improve your affiliate income
  • The secrets of sending more traffic to your site
  • How your subscriber list can boost your affiliate profits
  • Using Google AdSense for Passive Income
  • Getting the most from your affiliate program
  • Build a subscriber list for the highest affiliate income
  • Non technical ways to drive more traffic to your affiliate program
  • Boost your affiliate income through expert articles
  • Best ways to market your affiliate program
  • Boosting your affiliate traffic through higher search engine ranking
  • Why you should write your ebooks in pdf format
  • Why it is important to get private label rights to your articles
  • Ramping up your profit through subscriber lists
  • Using a private label report to boost your affiliate
  • Targeted affiliate marketing using mini-sites
  • Boost your affiliate traffic by using article directories
  • The secrets of getting free advertising for your affiliate program
  • Proven techniques for building a solid subscriber list
  • Choosing the best affiliate programs
  • Using viral marketing in your affiliate campaign
  • Making your affiliate marketing business a success
  • Why should I offer articles to ezines?
  • Viral marketing tips and traps
  • Diversifying your affiliate program
  • Important keys to making the highest affiliate commissions
  • Building traffic through viral marketing
  • Use a Review Site to Build Your Commissions
  • Use the power of Clickbank to build your business
  • Using a newsletter to boost your affiliate income
  • Tips for successful affiliate marketing
  • How merchants find their affiliates (and how to profit from this knowledge)
  • Choose your affiliate partners carefully

This course is delivered every Saturday with exception of part 2 which is delivered 3 days after part 1. Therefore please be prepared to receive email with your course every Saturday. From time to time I will sent my personal comments or recommendations as separate email.

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Here for Your Success.

Cody Moya

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